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 Hobby Kits

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152 Electrets Mike Preamplifier (9V)
This is low noise battery forward preamplifier can be used to boost the signal from electrets and low dynamic microphone.
153 Stereo Tape Head Preamp. (LA 3161)(12V)
This is low cost preamplifier which used LA3161 which has low noise dual preamp.
154 Stereo Head Preamplifier (LM741)(12V)
Two direct couple transistor are used in the preamp with base bias for the first provided from the second emitter.
155 Stereo Control Module (V/B/T) (12V)
This is very simple bass treble circuit with 741 input transistor of BC 148 B to give Bass & treble tune.
156 Graphic Equ. (IC4136)10+10 Band Stereo (+/-15V)(without Cabinet)
Most commonly used 10 octave equalizer covering 10Hz-20KHz.
157 5 + 5 Band Simple Graphic Equalizer (9V)
This simple circuit with audible frequency from 64Hz to 16KHz in 5 octaves
158 FET 4 Input Mixer (+/ - 9V)
Mix any combination of four audio signals with this easily constructed unit from 20Hz to 20KHz.
159 Transistorized Head Pre. (15V)
A Transistorized head Preamp that can be match any stereo cassette head.
160 Stereo Playback Pre - Amplifier (7 .5 - 23V) (TDA 1522)
The circuit is remarkable for its low raise level built in click free mute circuit and direct coupled input for the play back heads.


161 Mini Stereo Amplifier (1Watt) (3V)
Little tiny amp 1 watt using TDA 2822
162 Mini Amplifier (3 - 9V)
Versatile amp output 1W output into 4E loud speaker.
163 Super Tiny Amplifier (5 -15V)
This is low cost simple versatile miniature amp using LM 386.
164 TBA 810 7W Mono (12V -16V,1A)  
165 TBA 810 7 +7 W Stereo  
166 TBA 810 With Tone & Power Supply (12V -16V , 1A)  
167 TBA 810 7W V/B/T Mono (12V-16V,1A)  
168 TBA 810 7+7W V/B/T Stereo  
169 TBA 810 7+7W With 741 Control Preamp. (16V, 1A )
Simple amplifier for domestic use with several attractive. Short circuit protection with Hifi frequency response between 40Hz to 18KHz additional tone control
170 TDA 2020 20W With 741 Preamplifier (Mono) (+/-18V)
Quality HiFi stereo system can be used with pick up preamp system.
171 Phillips Hifi 25W (Mono ) (48V, 850mA)  
172 Phillips Hifi 25W (Stereo)
True class transistorized amplifier meeting HiFi standards.
173 TDA 2030 A Bridge Amplifier (Dual Supply ) (mono )  
174 TDA 2030A Bridge Amplifier (Dual Supply ) (stereo)
The TDA 2030 is monolithic IC in penta watt package intends for use as a low frequency class amplifier.
175 STK 439 (4392) 30 W Stereo (30V,2.5A)
It is popular amp with LM 1458 Pre-Amp control network.
176 STK 4392 30 +30W (Power Amp.)
True HiFi stereo Power Amp. With plenty of power for most people.
177 Phillips 40W Transistorized Hifi Amp. (Mono ) (60V, 1.5A)  
178 Philips 40W Transistorized Hifi Amp
High Quality Amp with short circuit protection.
179 100W Public Address Amplifier (Mono) (+/-18V)
Modest dimension make this amplifier suitable for outdoor work.
180 STK 4141 II (+/-15V,2A)
Recently power Amp. For use in audio equipment have a tendency towards higher output power and lower distortion.
181 40+40 W (LA 4440 ) (12V, 2A)
Versatile double IC compact low cost Amp. LA 3161 tape Head


182 General Purpose Power Supply (2 Diode /4 Diode)  
183 General Purpose Power Supply (4 Diode /2Cap )
Simple rectifier circuit for AC to DC conversion.
184 78L/79L General Purpose Power Supply
Versatile Power supply using 78L series IC's with Amp current capacity(5V to 24V)
185 5V/ 500 MA Power Supply
Stabilized power supply for exact output of 5V with regulation.
186  + /-15V/ 1AMP. Power Supply
Regulated Power supply with short circuit protection.
187 15V /1AMP. Power Supply
Regulated power supply with short circuit protection with AMP current capacity.
188 IC Power Supply (1V - 10V/1A)
Variable Stabilized power supply with adjustable current limiting facility.
189 0 - 30V Regulated Power Supply (1Amp)
Variable Voltage source from 0-30V with adjustable current limiting facility
190 3 AMP. Variable Power Supply (1.5 V To 24 V )
Variable power supply from 1.25V to 24v at 3 AMP current
191 Adjustable Regulated Power Supply (LM 317 T )
Variable power supply from 1.25V to 25v at 1 AMP.
192 L - 200 Regulated Power Supply
Variable regulated power supply fully adjustable between 0-18v and 0-1.8A respectively.
193 3 AMP. / 5V Power Supply
5V regulated power supply with 3AMP current capacities.
194 Regulated Power Supply (2 Diode 3 to 6 AMP)  
195 Regulated Power Supply (4 Diode 3 to 6 Amp)  
196 Mulity Use PCB with +/- Supply Pcb (NEW) (LM 317)  


197 Quiz Monitor (4 Channel) (12V)  
198 2 Digit Strom Distance Counter (9v)  
199 Low Power LED Flasher (9V)  
200 2 Digit Door Bell Counter (6V)  
201 4 Led Water Level Indicator with Alarm(6V)  
202 Electronic Roulette Wheel With 2 Digit (9V)  
203 Surround Sound Processor With Voice (IC C 1891)  
204 Infra Red Auto Switch (I/R Wash Basin Proximity Switch) (12V)  
205 Power Full Listening Bug (9V)  
206 White Led Torch (9V)  
207 Blue Led Torch (9V)  
208 Green Led Torch (9V)  
209 CCTV Night I/R illuminator Watching (12V)  
210 Low Cost Audio Frequency Oscillator (Test Instruments) (9V)  
211 LM 35 Digit Thermometer (Convert DMM to Thermometer) (9V)  
212 Heat Sensor With Fan Cooling (12V)  
213 16 Channel Auto Led Running Light With Flashing Led (12V)  
214 8 Minute Voice Recording & Play Back (Message Box) (9V)  
215 16 Minute Voice Recording & Play Back (Message Box) (9V)  
216 High Tech PIR Introducer Electronic Security System (Ass. Module) (12V)  
217 Digital Telephone Amplifier  
218 FM Transmitter 100 Meter (9V)  
219 FM Transmitter 300 Meter (9V)  
220 FM Transmitter 500 Meter  
221 FM Transmitter 2K Meter (9V)  
222 FM Transmitter 3K Meter (9V)  
223 Metal Detector (9V)  
224 Heart Bit Monitor (9V)  
225 Knock/Earth Quake Alarm (9V)  
226 555 Timer with On/Off Indicator (12V)  
227 Infrared Security Alarm(12V)  
228 Smoke Alarm  
229 Infrared Object Counter  
230 Parallel Telephone Ringer  
231 Security System  
232 Touch Sensitive Siren  
233 Door Opening Alarm  
234 3 Way Traffic Light  
235 Phone to FM Listening Bug  
236 Touch Switch (Using IC 555 Multi Viabrator)  
237 Multi Use Pcb with +/- supply Pcb  
238 Battery Low Indicator  
239 Moving Light  
240 Light Switch New  
241 Running Led's  
242 SMD Flashing Heart  
243 Electronic Decision Maker  
244 3 Digit Counter  
245 Steam Engine with Whistel Sound  
246 Simple Digital Security System  
247 120 sec Message Recorder  
248 1 to 5 Minutes 200 / 240v Timer  

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